In one’s addiction there is such a warped perception of reality. Failed relationships, traumas, and living under the influence make us feel as though there is no hope. In fact, there is truly hope if we ask for help. As we begin our journey towards a strong recovery, we realize many others have already given up on their drug of choice. We seek healthier relationships as we better understand good boundaries. We start to forgive those who harmed us. Once we find something that works, we learn to keep doing what works. As we begin to climb out of that deep hole we dug, there are those in deep recovery there to help us out. Hope grows within us. In recovery we surround ourselves with those who have let go of the past and choose to move forward. Please join us in our new paths. There are wonderful things that will come our way if we do. Peace. Friendships. Hunger for growth. Living in the light. Truly our vision has changed.


Darrell Arnett